“Experience the Pro-Vac way”.

Pro-Vac is known for its quality and reliability.

All employees are required to have valid H2S and First Aid, TDG, WHIMIS certificates and various other job specific safety tickets.

All employees are required to do a pre-hire drug and alcohol screening.

Once completing our comprehensive company orientation, new employees are trained by experienced personnel who have extensive knowledge of safe work practices as well as policies and procedures of our company and the industry.

Mandatory evaluations are performed prior to new employees entering the field to ensure employee competency.

Our in house safety personnel ensure our safety program is adhered to, creating a safety culture that gives peace of mind to our clients that safety comes first. Pro-Vac is devoted to our staff, considering them to be our most valuable team members.

Hard work and dedication by all has been a major contributor to the company’s growth and we are committed to maintain and improve our work standards.

As a Pro-Vac client, you are comforted to know that you can rely on a company that is dedicated to meet job requests to your specifications and safety standards.

It is our commitment to honesty, integrity, hard work, our employees and our clients that have contributed to our success.